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Trying to regain her composure as he looked at her, Heather raised an eyebrow. “No, I don’t know how long you’ve been waiting and frankly, you’re an idiot.” All her attention that was once directed towards the film was clouded by her annoyance at him. Heather had never realised how clueless Josh was and it irritated her greatly. He had no concern for anyone but…himself. She could feel her heart sink at the realisation of this fact. Josh could have told anyone, Robert was a far better candidate for these types of conversations with him, not Heather. “No, there is nothing boy-related I want to talk to you about.” Her tone sharp and abrupt as she pretended to watch the movie. 

Having Heather snap at him caused Joshua to sit a little straighter. “Why am I an idiot?” he asked defensively, trying to crane his neck so that he could see her face. It was not uncommon for Heather to lash out at him for little things, but usually he had an inkling of an idea of why she would be acting that way. Now, he was more confused than ever. He was tempted to pause the movie just so they could have an actual conversation about what was truly on her mind. “Please, do enlighten me.” 

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Lindsay pulled her towel tightly around her and looked down at her completely soaked shoes, face reddening in embarrassment. She had never expected the night to go this way. At most, she had planned on rebutting Josh’s usual flirtation with her own friendly jabs. But, kissing him was definitely not something she had anticipated. Looking up to see that he still stood in the same spot she had been only moments before, Lindsay sighed and began to walk away, figuring that he would take that as his cue to leave as well.

As they walked back to the dormitory in silence Lindsay felt that she should say something, anything, to ease the tension that had obviously built between them. ”But, say what?” she thought to herself, “Oh, sorry about that Josh. But, I totally regret kissing you back there because I’m not really over this secret relationship I was in. Oh, and you’re my best friend so it makes things awkward.” Rolling her eyes at the craziness of it all, Lindsay decided against speaking and chose to let their wordless return remain just that - wordless.

Reaching the door to her dorm room, Lindsay stopped in front of it and turned to face Josh just as he spoke. Seeing the small smile on his face broke through the tension Lindsay felt and, returning his smile with a bigger one of her own, she stepped closer to him and playfully ruffled his damp hair until it spiked up. “Hmm, that’s a good luck for you, Mitchell,” she said, grinning at him, “Thank you for tonight, it was fun. You have no idea how happy I am that you’re back.” Without thinking, Lindsay gave him a soft peck on the cheek before turning abruptly, entering her room, and shutting the door. Leaning against the door she placed her hands over her face and slid down to the floor before removing them to see Victoria sitting on her bed, staring at her with a confused expression on her face. Sighing, Lindsay shook her head slowly as the events of the night resurfaced. “Just let me shower and change first Vic,” she said, putting up a hand to indicate that Victoria shouldn’t ask questions. Giving her friend a sad smile, Lindsay sighed again before getting up and walking into the bathroom.

Staring at Lindsay’s closed door, Joshua felt his heartbeat return to a normal pace. He had meant to apologize for potentially making their friendship awkward, as that was the last thing he wanted to do, but when she kissed him on the cheek, all of his worries melted away and he did not even mind that he never got a chance to say good night. 

He meant what he said when his friends would ask him what his plans were for the year and he would reply that he was not looking for any kind of a relationship or commitment. On the surface, Lindsay well might be just another girl Joshua would share a kiss with and life would move on. Still, he did harbour some feelings for her and the evening’s events only made him appreciate her company even more. 

Exhaling slowly, he straightened up his posture and turned to walk towards his room, eager to get out of his damp clothes and dry off. It certainly had been a truly memorable evening.

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Anonymous asked: No Tacos for you.

But I love tacos! What if I say please with a dollop of sour cream on top? ;)

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Anonymous asked: Ouch. Looks like you won't have Barbie for long and once you lose Barbie...we all know who Robbie will pick.

No one is going to lose anyone and no one is going to have to pick anyone. Heather will get over whatever is going on and Robert is my man, he’s got my back. 

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Rachel & Joshua; Senior Year
Rachel & Joshua; Senior Year

Lindsay & Joshua; Junior Year Talent Show
Yeahhh buddy, that was a great night!
Lindsay & Joshua; Junior Year Talent Show

Yeahhh buddy, that was a great night!


Logan, Carlos and James hitting Kendall

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Natalie laughed a bit and smiled. “It’s sounding like this place was more of a party than a school. I wish I was here to experience it.” 

During the break in their conversation, Natalie leaned back against the shelf behind her and watched as a small group of students walked past her and Josh on their way out of the library. She let her mind trail off for a moment before she was pulled back to reality by Josh’s question. She shrugged slightly and smiled. “Sounds like it could be fun. If it livens the place up, count me in.”

Joshua left out loud and quickly peered around to see if the librarian had heard him or not. He nodded towards Natalie and a grin appeared on his face. “That’s the spirit!” he said cheerfully. “Good to see you’ve got the same red hot fire inside and outside.” He cast her a wink and straightened himself out. 

"Listen," he began, walking closer to her, "I should get back before Victoria and Rob send out a search committee, but I’ll call you? I got your number from Vic."