What's up! I'm Josh, currently a senior at Wolfram & Hart Boarding School, and a fellow werewolf of many. Shout out to my boys, you know who you are. If you like to have a little fun, make sure you come find me! ;)

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Logan, Carlos and James hitting Kendall

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Robert & Lindsay & Joshua; Senior Year Law Class Field Trip
Robert & Lindsay & Joshua; Senior Year Law Class Field Trip

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The most flawless photo I’ve ever seen.


The most flawless photo I’ve ever seen.



After spending a few days completing his heavy load of homework, Robert was glad to have received a message from Josh asking him if he was interested in a game of Air Hockey. Robert shut his dorm door behind him as he made his way towards the Senior Lounge. Even though he had spoken to his best friend at the ball, that wasn’t exactly the best situation to have a good catch up conversation. Robert knew that he had to fill in Josh with some things and he was sure that Josh wanted to do the same. After all, a trip to China wasn’t something that happened everyday.

As Robert entered the Senior Lounge, he was surprised to see Josh sitting on the couch…on time. “Hey, man!” Robert’s voice excited as he walked over to his friend and greeted him with their secret handshake. They had formulated their handshake in the early stages of their friendship and it was something they always did. “Ready to lose at Air Hockey?” He said jokingly before he laughed.

Although Joshua knew he had to work hard to catch up on the work that he had missed before his return to school, he found himself lying flat on his back on the lounge’s couch, staring at the television as time passed by before he figured he should probably find a more social way to procrastinate. When Robert had walked into the room, he could feel his mood rise and laughed when they performed their secret handshake before Joshua clapped his best friend on the back. 

"Bro," he started, shrugging his shoulders and opening his arms to the ceiling, "do you remember who you’re talking to?” They walked towards the air hockey table and Joshua pulled out a couple of quarters from his pocket before shoving them into the machine and holding his hand over the top to feel as the miniature wind jets came to life. “So what have you been up to these last few days, man? Did you have a good time at the ball?” 

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